MAIONESE – Mayonnaise

MAIALE – Pork. Much of the pork in Italy is turned into sausage, salami and hams, although Italians across Italy do enjoy fresh pork. Common methods of cooking it are roasting, grilling, and braising it with milk. Roasemary and sage are both popular herbs used with pork.

MALLOREDDUS – A southern Italian style of gnocchi made with semolina flour. In Sardinia, they also add saffron to the dough.

MANDORLE – Almonds. Two varieties of almonds are grown and used in Italy, dolci or sweet almonds used in desserts and baking, and mandorle amare or bitter almonds which are used in liqueurs and in ammaretti cookies.

MANICOTTI – Large tube maccheroni stuffed with a ricotta cheese filling and baked. Italo-American

MANZO – Beef. Although much of the beef found in Italy is though to be of poorer quality than that found in North America, Tuscan beef from Val di Chiana used in the famous bistecche alla fiorentna is thought to rival any other beef worlwide. Less tender cuts of beef are stewed, braised or ground.

MARSALA WINE – A sweet Sicilian wine that adds a special flavour to meat dishes and desserts.

MARZAPANE – Marzipan. Sweetened almond paste used in a variety of desserts.

MASCARPONE – A soft Italian cheese that is a delicately flavored tripple cream cheese. Often used in the same fashion as whipped cream, it is an important ingredient in TIRAMISU’

MELA Apple. Fruit Widely used in pastry and desserts.

MELANZANE – Often considered the Queen of Italian vegetables, this particular vegetable is especially popular in southern Italy. In Italy, there are a number of varieties of eggplants found, including the usual large purple variety, a delicate white version, and a striped reddish pink version. Very versatile, they add a depth of flavor to any dish they are added to.

MELOGRANA – Pomegranate. Principally used as a flavoring and coloring in beverages.

MELONE– Melons. A variety of fruit which all have a thick, hard, inedible rind, sweet meat, and lots of seeds. Common examples are watermelon and cantaloupe.

MENTA – Mint. Many varietes are used in cooking to flavor meats and vegetables such as zucchini and eggplants.

MIELE – Honey. There are numerous different varieties of flavored honey throughout Italy.

MIRTILLO – Blueberry. Eaten fresh or used in desserts.

MOLECA Soft shell crab. Very popular in Venice when in season, and most commonly served fried.

MOSTARDA DI CREMONA – Mustard Fruit Chutney. This Italian specialty consists of candied fruit chutney with a bite of mustard flavor that originates from Cremona. This relish is usually served with cotecchino, or a combination of boiled meats called bolito misto.

MORTADELLA – This sausage originates from Bologna. It has a distinctive pink color, and is studded with cubes of creamy fat and sometimes pistachios. It is usually thinly slices and eaten cold in sandwichesor as an antipasto with other cold cuts.

MOSTO DI VINO – Wine must. Made into a syrup and used in many traditional recipes as a sweetener.

MOZZARELLA – Mozzarella is a soft, white cheese with a very delicate flavor that is the cheese of choice for most recipes calling for a melting cheese. Buffalo mozzarella is made from water buffaloes aound the Naples area, and is best eaten fresh

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